Innovate with planet centric design

To survive and thrive during these extraordinarily critical times, organizations need to make real changes. Now.

We are a strategic design agency and strongly believe that doing good is good for business. Central to our work is planet centric thinking, a way of problem solving that takes business, customer, society and the environment into account.

Clients tend to come to us when they have a business challenge, but lack a solution. We help them transform their brands, experiences and businesses to be both committed to do good as well as being successful.

From reframing a product, to new business models: planet centric design is the only way forward. How future proof are you?

The Garage is founded by innogy, the world’s largest pioneer in energy transition and sustainability – and as independent part of E.ON – we share a deep commitment to preserving and improving the world.

If you’d like to become part of our network, learn more about our planet centric approach or if you’re interested in working together, shoot us an e-mail.

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