As a Dutch homeowner you know it: you have to make your home more sustainable. Maybe insulating your walls is sufficient right now or should you invest more? And what about your boiler? Apparently there are hydrogen ones now. Besides the overwhelming amount of information both on- and offline, homeowners often find it hard to apply that information to their personal situation. Let future you worry about that one. You like that smart thermostat gadget better anyway. But does it fit your in-house heating? Help.

A digital platform for homeowners

Ezzy is the go-to digital platform where homeowners start a dialogue with sustainability experts from Essent’s network of service partners. Ezzy believes that sustainability choices should be balanced with a comfortable way of living. Branded as a younger sister of Essent, Ezzy is always up to date with the newest trends surrounding smart homes and sustainability and makes an effort in making the information understandable for anyone.

Reliable and complete

Using Essent’s smart tools, Ezzy experts are able to offer fast and relevant answers that homeowners can apply to their personal situation. And she is always honest: perhaps the new fancy boiler might not fit, but alternatives are. Ezzy helps you on your journey. And if a product or service does fit your situation, she guides you in a complete end-to-end process from purchase at CVTotaal to after care.

Facilitating the conversation

Ezzy experts have a wealth of knowledge for improving one’s home, but are also keen to know what customers are looking for. That is why the Ezzy platform facilitates the dialogue digitally through articles, Q&A’s and email digests. Ezzy starts the conversation on sustainable and comfortable living.